Breakfast Basics

Breakfast Basics


Breakfast is defined as “anything you eat within two hours of waking”. Most of us already know that it is important to eat within this time frame to improve metabolism and provide our bodies with energy to function throughout the day. A more important question might be WHAT a breakfast should consist of.

A combination of lean PROTEIN and FIBER will help you stay satisfied throughout the day.

Try starting your day with some of these delicious and nutritious combinations!

Protein Source Fiber Source Totals
Oikos Tripple Zero Greek Yogurt =13g protein ½ cup fresh raspberries = 4g fiber ~140 calories
13g protein, 4g fiber
1 scrambled egg = 7 grams protein ½ cup black beans and salsa =
4g fiber & 7g protein
~180 calories
14g protein and 4g fiber
2 Low Fat cheese sticks = 12g protein 1 cup of blueberries = 4g fiber ~200 calories
12g protein, 4 g fiber
2 over easy egg = 14g protein 1 slice of light whole wheat toast = 4g fiber & 2g protein ~200 calories
16g protein, 4g fiber