Are you having loose stools?

Diarrhea is not a typical side effect of the vertical sleeve gastrectomy or roux-en-y gastric bypass. It could be related to lactose intolerance. When checking the food labels for lactose, also look for ingredients like butter solids, casein, lactate, milk derivative, opta, rennet casein, simplesse, and whey protein concentrate.

HSA/FSA: Use It or Lose It!

Did you know that you can likely use your health savings account or flexible spending account (HSA/FSA) card to purchase supplements on In most cases, those funds do not roll over to next year, so use your HSA or FSA benefits while you can! Why not stock up on your favorite multivitamins, calcium chews, or protein supplements? Or consider vitamin D, zinc, or a probiotic! Be sure your HSA/FSA card has a Visa or MasterCard logo and does not have usage restrictions that would prevent a successful transaction. For program details, check directly with your plan provider. Don’t let those dollars go to waste!

How to Enjoy Meals during the Holiday Season

Holiday season is upon us! Celebrating special occasions with family and friends are usually associated with traditional foods. Navigating these meals can be tricky and a little stressful after having weight loss surgery. Hopefully the tips below will help you continue to follow the post surgery nutrition guidelines and eat a delicious meal.

Spotlight on Cranberries

Cranberries are a fruit that are grown on a vine-like plant. They are free of cholesterol, sodium and fat. Because they are rich in VItamin C, American voyagers and whalers brought cranberries on their excursions to prevent scurvy.

When shopping, choose cranberries that are firm and are dark red or yellow-red in color.