Band Plication

What is the Band Plication procedure?

The Band Plication procedure is the newest procedure offered for weight loss. It involves adding the safety and ease of the Lap Band procedure with a plication of the stomach to get faster weight loss. Weight loss with the band plication has been as fast as other procedures such as the Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy. We feel this procedure has the potential of becoming one of the leading procedures offered for weight loss surgery.

Band plication begins by placing a LAP-BAND as is normally done. [For full details on the LAP-BAND procedure, please click here]. After placing the band, the stomach below the band is rolled in on itself, or plicated, and sewn in place. This significantly decreases the volume of the stomach, and creates a “sleeve”. The plication “sleeve” works very much like a Sleeve Gastrectomy in that it significantly limits the volume of the stomach and thus how much food can be eaten.

By limiting the amount of food that can be consumed, overall calories are reduced and weight loss occurs. You will feel very full eating a much smaller amount of food. Unlike the Sleeve Gastrectomy which involves stapling across and removing a majority of the stomach, there is no cutting or stapling with plication.

Once you have lost the initial weight that the plication provides, the true beauty is that you still have the band to push you to further weight loss. You get all the benefits of a band including the ability to adjust it to meet your needs. It’s the best of both worlds.

The band plication is a new procedure and therefore does not have any long-term follow-up. We feel the band plication will at a minimum provide the same or more weight loss as the stand alone LAP-BAND procedure, and at best will provide the speed of weight loss as a Sleeve Gastronomy with lower risks.

There is no malabsorption, so all vitamins and minerals are absorbed normally. It is commonly done as an outpatient procedure, but may require an overnight stay. Early results are showing an average of over 50% excess weight the first 6 months before utilizing their band.

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