Revisional Surgery

What is Revisional Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is usually the solution for patients to achieve long-term weight loss. Most patients achieve their weight loss goals and enjoy their improved health. Some patients, however, may consider Revisional Surgery if they haven’t yet reached their goals. There can be a variety of reasons why someone may consider a revision. They include inadequate weight loss, weight re-gain, unresolved health problems, or medical or surgical complications. Some patients underwent procedures that are not even performed currently and are known to be associated with weight re-gain, such as the Vertical-Banded Gastroplasty (stomach-stapling).

Our first goal in evaluating patients for Revisional Surgery is to try and see if the original bariatric surgery procedure can work. We try and refocus the patient on proper diet and exercise habits and provide education that they may be lacking if they had surgery elsewhere. For some patients, this is all that is needed. But some patients have issues that will require a revision. Our bariatric surgeons are here to help. We will meet with you and discuss all the options available.

There is a wide variety of Revisional Surgeries available. Some patients convert over to a different procedure. Some patients add an additional procedure, such as adding a band to their previous surgery or adding a plication. The types of Revisional Surgery available will vary for each patient depending on the original surgery performed and the reason the patient is requiring the revision. Most all our revisions are done Laparoscopically, meaning a quick hospitalization and recovery. Some are able to even be done as outpatient surgery.

Some surgeons feel that patients get one “shot” to lose weight with weight loss surgery. We take a much different approach. We look at obesity as a disease, and if one treatment doesn’t work, we’ll try another. Our goal is to get you healthy.

If you want to discuss potential Revisional Surgery, call our office to schedule an appointment with one of our bariatric surgeons in Georgia. We are here to help.

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