New Year

New Year's Resolutions for Bariatric Patients

Remember Your “Why”

You might remember the biggest reason why you decided to have bariatric surgery. Whether it was to live a healthier life, get off your medications, be a good example for your kids, or ride a rollercoaster again, every reason is a valid one. As we start a new year, it is a great time to reflect on your “why”. Have you achieved your “why” yet, or are you still on the track to achieving it?

Create Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are reminders of what you would like to achieve and work to reduce negative thoughts. The key to being successful is having a positive mindset and attitude. Negativity can turn into a downward spiral that can be hard to turn around. Some examples of positive affirmations are: “I love who I am right here in this moment”, “I deserve happiness” or “today is full of possibilities”. These can be written on a sticky-note or placed on your fridge as a constant reminder.

Have a Support System in Place

You must have a strong support system for long term success after bariatric surgery. You do not have to be on this journey alone. Involving others in your weight loss journey helps to hold you accountable, whether it is a close friend, family member, or coworker. They can be a gym buddy, help you meal plan for the week, or help with meal prepping. Share your goals with those who are supporting you and maybe you can inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle too! Support groups can also be beneficial. Check out some local hospital groups in your area or virtual groups like Unjury Cares, Bariatric Fusion’s facebook live group or ProCare Health.

Set Short Term Goals

Instead of just saying you want to lose 50 pounds this year, try to make smaller, more achievable goals. Once you are successful with one goal, make another one! By starting with a larger goal, you are less likely to achieve it as it may seem out of reach. Some examples of short term goals could be: decreasing eating out to once a week, having vegetables at most meals, taking your vitamins every day, or hitting your water goal every day for one month. Once you achieve one small goal, it will help fuel you into achieving more of your other goals!

Don’t Get Discouraged by Setbacks

Setbacks will happen at some point in your journey, as well as throughout your life. It is all about how you respond to those setbacks that will define you. Don’t let your setbacks win! You are stronger than any obstacles that may come your way. Use obstacles as a new way to challenge yourself and as a reminder as to why you went on this journey.