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Before and After for Mary


Bethany, Patient of Dr. Hart
I had the RNY gastric bypass surgery. I was 330 pounds and a size 28 at my biggest, and more importantly, I was at risk of diabetes and struggled with a multitude of health issues. Since the surgery, I have lost over 200 pounds and have no underlying health complications as I did and have embraced healthy living. I’m now at a size 12 and I have not received any plastics so far. My life is forever changed for the better. I’m finally able to live again and have a true quality of life and not just exist. I am glad I trusted Atlanta Bariatrics with my

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Lisa, Patient of  Dr. Johnson 
Lisa came to Atlanta Bariatrics looking for weight loss options as she struggled to stay at a healthy weight. Lisa had a gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Johnson. Now, she is off most medications, has improved her quality of life tremendously, and is at a healthy weight.

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Kevin, Patient of Dr. Hart.
Kevin had a sleeve gastrectomy performed by Dr. Hart. Kevin was at an all time high of 360 lbs and suffered from obesity, sleep apnea, hypertension, prediabetes, and an unhealthy relationship with food. Over the last 3 years, Kevin has maintained a weight loss of 160 lbs and is more active than ever! One of the highlights of Kevin’s accomplishments after surgery include competing in his first Ironman Triathlon. Kevin is grateful for his team at Atlanta Bariatrics for their assistance in his weight loss journey. 

Before and After for Kimberly

Kimberly, Patient of Dr. Hart

At 282lbs, I was depressed and struggled with the easiest of tasks ( stairs, playing with my kids,etc). I hated how I felt! When I looked in the mirror I knew something had to change! Dr Hart and the whole team at Atlanta Bariatrics made this life changing process so easy! They were informative and beyond helpful.

Now I am maintaining 100lb weight loss and feeling great! Can never thank them enough for holding my hand through everything and giving me my life back!!!

Before and After for Mary

Tina, Patient of Dr. Johnson

I Just want to share my progress. I am extremely happy to be SLEEVED🦋 IM SENDING A BIG THANK YOU TO DR. JOHNSON AND EVERYONE ON HIS TEAM.

Have a fantastic day
Tina L.


Greg, Patient of Dr. Hart

I had a gastric bypass and have lost over 132 pounds.  I just got married to the love of my life, I'm back playing golf again, and life has just begun.

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Before and After for Mary

Mary, Patient of Dr. Hart
After years of yo-yo dieting and weight re-gain, I came to Dr. Hart after a trans-Atlantic flight.  One where I had to use a seatbelt extender and felt like a sardine in a can.   It was one of the most mortifying experiences of my life.   I knew I had to take control of my life.  I was 37 years old and already on blood pressure medicine, had high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic.  When I went to Atlanta Bariatrics for my consult, I was amazed and relieved by the level of compassion and knowledge I experienced there. I tipped the scale at 334 pounds, my highest weight ever. I constantly felt empowered by the knowledge and tools they were supplying me with. I have lost 155 pounds since my surgery, but oh what I have gained. I’m off my blood pressure medicine, my blood sugar and cholesterol are now normal,  I’ve run a 5K road race and I’m training for a half marathon, I have ridden all of the ziplines and roller coasters that I watched from the sidelines for years. And, most importantly, the confidence I have gained in myself is truly the most amazing gift.  I credit Dr. Hart, Tracy and the whole Atlanta Bariatrics team with saving my life—though, if you ask them they are so humble and kind they’ll say “we just gave you the tools, you did all the hard work.”

Jim Radcliffe, Patient of Dr. Johnson

Jim, Patient of Dr. Johnson
I have fought my weight all of my adult life. The past few years I noticed deterioration in my health from the excess weight I was carrying around. I tried numerous ways to loose weight. Most worked short term – but none lasted. Finally I investigated bariatric surgery. Dr Johnson performed a gastric sleeve procedure on my at Northside Forsyth. At that time I weighed 377 pounds. I feel much better and have lost a total of 143 pounds so far. It hasn’t been easy, but not difficult either. It forces you to make the changes needed, and the weight literally melts off. The best part for me is now I know I’ll be around to see my grand daughters grow up.

Carol Coleman, Patient of Dr. Johnson

Carol, Patient of Dr. Johnson
My journey begin at 302, I had hit my all time high and my all time low. I finally made the decision to take control of my life, because I was not living, never wanting to go anywhere or do anything with my family. My feet and my back where in so much pain I thought I might have to go out on disability. After researching weight loss surgery for a couple of years it was time to take the leap. I chose the gastric sleeve only because I was scared of messing with the intestines, so I prayed and ask God for direction and he lead me to Dr. Johnson and I met with him and asked if I could lose 100 lbs with the sleeve and he said yes, I might have to work a little harder than if I had the bypass but that was okay with me because I was determined to make it work.  It has been a learning experience and it has not been all easy mainly due to emotional reasons and learning to cope with issues without food. I did have a problem with optical neuritis which affected my right eye that they had to but me on high dose steroids in my 6th month which caused my weight loss to hold and maintain for 4 months, but as soon as that was out of my system I started to lose again and I reached my goal of 100 lbs lost 7 days before my 50th Birthday now at 202 lbs I feel fantastic!! my feet are fine, I still have little problems with my back but nowhere near what it had been. I thank Dr. Johnson for believing in me and in what he does, the only goal he set for me was to get healthy. Thank you Dr. Johnson and staff for everything!

Ken's Change

Ken, Patient of Dr. Johnson
I was living in very poor health, with multiple health problems, and weighing 454 lbs. at age 38 , when I decided to go to a patient seminar for weight loss surgery. I choose Atlanta Bariatrics after meeting and hearing my doctor, William Johnson MD, speak about what weight loss surgery would do for “my health”. I think the focus on the “my health” and not the amount of weight I could lose was the deciding factor for me. He told the group about getting off insulin shots, being able to stop taking cholesterol medication, and no more CPAP/BiPap for sleeping. He could have been speaking just to me, but the message was for the group attending that evening. I met with Dr. Johnson and the Atlanta Bariatrics staff and started my road to “better health”. The staff and my doctor guided me through the process for the pre-surgery, educated me how to live and eat healthy after the surgery, and been there cheering me on to reach my health goals. Today, weighing 223 lbs., I am no longer taking insulin shots, I have stopped taking two types of drugs for cholesterol, and I can get restful sleep without the aid of a machine. I can also enjoy the choices in life to do anything without worrying if my body will be able to do it.

Jim Radcliffe, Patient of Dr. Johnson

Tony, Patient of Dr. Johnson
"Had the sleeve with Dr. Johnson. 7 months post-op Down 110 lbs. Couldn’t be Happier!!!!"


Matt, Patient of Dr. Johnson
"I started to have a lot of medical issues over the last several years ranging from being diagnosed with Hypertension to Sleep Apnea/Insomnia and used a CPAP machine close to 11 years. I was also recently diagnosed with Diabetes, and this is when things needed to change and I was at my heaviest at 360 lbs. That was when I decided to get the sleeve gastric surgery. I had my first appointment with Dr. Johnson and had the surgery. I was able to get down to 333lbs and now one year later I’m currently 180lbs. I’m no longer diabetic and have hypertension. I’m also no longer using the CPAP machine as well. I don't even know where to even begin to explain how much, I appreciate Dr. Johnson along with his staff and encouraging me throughout the process."

Ken's Change

Candy, Patient of Dr. Johnson
Top Weight - 331Ibs
Surgery Weight  - 324 lbs
9 months - 205 lbs
Total loss - 126 lbs

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