HSA and FSA: Use it or Lose it

HSA and FSA: Use it or Lose it


Did you know that you can likely use your health savings account or flexible spending account (HSA/FSA) card to purchase supplements from the bariatric vitamin companies? In most cases, those funds do not roll over to next year, so use your HSA or FSA benefits while you can! Why not stock up on your favorite multivitamins, calcium chews, or protein supplements? Or consider vitamin D, zinc, or a probiotic! Be sure your HSA/FSA card has a Visa or MasterCard logo and does not have usage restrictions that would prevent a successful transaction. For program details, check directly with your plan provider. Don’t let those dollars go to waste!

For Bariatric Advantage supplements: https://ba39778332.bariatricadvantage.com/

For Bariatric Fusion supplements: https://www.bariatricfusion.com/?rfsn=2711656.9bfc20c

For Celebrate Nutrition supplements: https://celebratevitamins.com/