The number of protein powders out there is a little overwhelming. Your dietitians have created a list of good quality protein powders/ ready to drink shakes for you. You may be wondering how it decided on which protein supplements make the cut. Here are some of the items that are considered.

  • Macronutrient content- < 150 calories, < 7 g sugar, ~ 20 g protein
  • PDCAAS score- Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score
  • Adulteration- Manufacturers may add taurine to trick the protein content tests, which is known as protein spiking
  • False advertisements. For example, a company claimed their protein powder could be triple absorbed and 1 tablespoon would provide 30gm protein. Unfortunately, that is not possible and the people using the supplement were only getting 10gm of protein, not the 30gm they were promised. The studies done with this product were on < 20 participants ; which is not a large enough sample size to be considered significant research

If you have questions about protein supplements, please contact your dietitians- Tracy Smith ( or Meagan Barry (