We know that weight loss surgery is an effective tool. In order to reach your weight loss or health goals, you have to commit and follow through with diet and lifestyle changes. Once you have mastered eating slowly, chewing well, separating your liquids from your meals, having lean protein and produce with each meal, you may want to reward yourself for your hard work, but how? Food is one of the most common ways we reward ourselves, but it's not the only way. Here are some alternatives so you can treat yourself without undoing your healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Rent a movie you’ve been dying to see and snuggle up on your couch guilt free
  • Allow yourself some free time to do an activity you enjoy (read, paint, write, play piano, etc)
  • Have an at-home spa day
  • Call a friend and talk as long as you want to.
  • Make a new playlist and sing/dance
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Swing in a hammock.
  • Build a blanket fort and relax
  • Tour local gardens
  • Spend the day at the library or explore a local bookstore
  • Go birdwatching or stargazing
  • Sleep in!
  • Take a selfie to celebrate your progress
  • Buy a lottery ticket
  • Donate a pound of food for each pound you lost
  • Use the non-fitness parts of your gym membership like the sauna or massage chair

For more ideas, reach out to Meagan Barry RD,LD, CSO-