Even if you have chosen a bariatric procedure that does not involve malabsorption; adequate vitamin supplementation will be needed due to the reduction in food intake.

Always work closely with your Registered Dietitian for a personalized supplement regimen based on your individual bloodwork. Here are some basic pointers:

  1. Our office recommends Bariatric Advantage, Celebrate or Bariatric Fusion supplements because they use premium ingredients, providing a higher degree of safety and efficacy
  2. Unfortunately many companies use lower quality ingredients to reduce cost and that is not reflected on the label
  3. Remember: the FDA does not regulate vitamins so using a reputable company is important. If you are thinking of trying a new product, always check with your Registered Dietitian first. Even if the supplement claims to be a bariatric product.
  4. Taste, although important should not be the main factor in choosing a vitamin. Many “gummy” vitamins offer little to no nutritional value