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Throughout the years, we have witnessed countless patients undergo incredible transformations, each with a unique story of perseverance and triumph. We invite you to explore these success stories, find inspiration in their journeys, and consider how weight loss surgery could be the key to unlocking your own health potential.

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The Journey to Health with Bariatric Surgery

At Atlanta Bariatrics, Dr. Christopher J. Hart and Dr. William H. Johnson are both board-certified surgeons with extensive experience in metabolic and bariatric surgery procedures, including roux-en-y gastric bypass and gastric banding.

  • Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB): This procedure involves creating a small pouch in the stomach and connecting it to the small intestine, reducing the amount of food one can eat and limiting calorie absorption.
  • Gastric Banding: Using an adjustable band, this procedure restricts the amount of food that can be consumed at one time by creating a smaller stomach pouch. The gastric band can be adjusted as needed for optimal weight loss.
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy: This procedure involves removing a portion of the stomach, which reduces its size and alters the hormones that control hunger. 

These minimally invasive procedures have been shown to be effective in achieving significant and lasting weight loss, particularly when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. They also offer the potential for improvement or resolution of obesity-related health conditions such as sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Our Atlanta Bariatrics team has helped thousands of patients achieve long-term weight loss success through personalized surgical plans and comprehensive aftercare support, including guidance fromour in-house registered dietitians. We believe that each patient's journey to health is unique, but all share a common goal: to lose weight and improve their overall health and well-being.

Celebrating Our Patients' Successes

We are proud to share the stories of our patients who have transformed their lives through weight loss surgeries at Atlanta Bariatrics. These individuals have achieved incredible accomplishments, from running marathons to simply being able to fully participate in everyday activities without limitations.

Carol, Patient of Dr. Johnson

Carol made the decision to take control of her life and start her weight loss journey at 302 pounds. 'I wasn't living,' she says, 'never wanting to go anywhere or do anything with my family. My feet and my back were in so much pain I thought I might have to go on disability.'

After researching bariatric procedures for a couple of years, she contacted Dr. Johnson to talk about gastric sleeve surgery. She asked if she would be able to lose 100 pounds with this surgery, and he said yes. 'It has been a learning experience, and it has not always been easy, but I am determined to make it work,' she says.

Carol's results have been fantastic; she met her goal just one week before her 50th birthday, weighing in at 202 pounds. She says that she feels fantastic and is grateful to Dr. Johnson for believing in her and helping her achieve a healthier life.

'I thank Dr. Johnson for believing in me and in what he does; the only goal he set for me was to get healthy. Thank you, Dr. Johnson and staff, for everything!'

Mary, Patient of Dr. Hart

At just 37 years old, Mary was struggling with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and pre-diabetes, weighing in at 334 pounds. After years of yo-yo dieting, she knew it was time to make a change. Mary found Dr. Hart at Atlanta Bariatrics and says she was 'amazed and relieved by the level of compassion and knowledge I experienced there.'

Since her surgery, Mary has lost an incredible 155 pounds. But more importantly, she has gained confidence and a new lease on life. She is no longer on blood pressure medication, and her blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normal. Mary has achieved things she never thought possible, such as running a 5K race and training for a half marathon. Most importantly, she says that the confidence she has gained in herself is the most amazing gift.

'I credit Dr. Hart, Tracy, and the Atlanta Bariatrics team with saving my life—though, if you ask them, they are so humble and kind, they’ll say, 'We just gave you the tools; you did all the hard work.''

Ken, Patient of Dr. Johnson

At 38 years old and weighing in at 454 pounds, Ken was living with multiple health problems and a poor quality of life. After attending a patient seminar for weight loss surgery, he chose to work with Dr. Johnson at Atlanta Bariatrics after hearing Dr. Johnson talk about his focus on his patients' heath.

'He told the group about getting off insulin shots, being able to stop taking cholesterol medication, and no more CPAP/BiPAP for sleeping,' Ken says. 'I think the focus on 'my health,' and not the amount of weight I could lose, was the deciding factor for me.'

Ken has achieved incredible success in his weight loss journey after going through the process with Dr. Johnson and his team. Now at 223 pounds, Ken says, 'I am no longer taking insulin shots, I have stopped taking two types of drugs for cholesterol, and I can get restful sleep without the aid of a machine.'

Perhaps most importantly, Ken adds, 'I can also enjoy the choices in life to do anything without worrying if my body will be able to do it.'

Jay, Patient of Dr. Hart

As a child 'on the chunky side,' Jay started playing sports at a young age. He got in shape, played soccer throughout college, and even earned a second-degree black belt in karate. However, after moving to the South and working a desk job for many years, he found himself steadily gaining weight. At his heaviest, Jay weighed 333 pounds and was facing multiple health issues such as sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

After trying various fad diets and exercise routines without success, Jay knew it was time for a change. He had looked into gastric bypass surgery before but decided to try on his own first. It wasn't until he saw a picture of himself at his brother’s pinning ceremony for the military that he realized something needed to change.

He met with Dr. Chris Hart and attended a seminar at Emory Johns Creek Hospital before deciding on gastric bypass surgery. After successfully undergoing the procedure, Jay was determined to make it a success by committing to daily walks and eventually incorporating heavier exercise into his routine.

Just five months after surgery, Jay ran his first 5K race. Since then, he has completed two half marathons, three century bike rides, several more 5Ks, and an Ironman 70.3 race. He has also gone from 44% body fat to an impressive 8.5% and now weighs 170 pounds.

'These events would not be possible if it were not for Atlanta Bariatrics and Dr. Chris Hart,' Jay says. 'I owe them my life.'

Jen, Patient of Dr. Johnson

Jen's weight loss journey has been a long and challenging one, but she never gave up in her pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. In high school, Jen says that everyone told her, 'You have such a pretty face, if only you would lose weight.' She managed to lose 80 pounds in her junior year but gained 50 of it back in college. As she had her three children, Jen's weight continued to fluctuate.

After her last baby was born, Jen knew she needed to find a solution that would not only help her lose the excess body weight, but also keep it off for good. She researched bariatric surgeries, and after meeting with Dr. Johnson and his team at Atlanta Bariatrics, Jen knew she had made the right decision.

With hard work and dedication, Jen lost 100 pounds within the first year after her gastric sleeve surgery. 'The band is not a quick fix,' Jen says. 'It is a tool that helps you lose the weight, and an even better tool to help keep it off.' She continues to maintain her goal weight within 5 pounds with a proper diet and moderate exercise.

'I am just so grateful for Dr. Johnson and his wonderful staff for being such an important part of my weight loss journey!”

Mike, Patient of Dr. Hart

Mike had struggled with his weight since his childhood, using food as a source of comfort. Despite experiencing 'what should have been rock bottom moments,' Mike continued to gain weight throughout his teenage years and into adulthood. By the time he reached his 30s, Mike weighed over 300 pounds and was facing health issues related to his weight.

Now married with kids, Mike knew he needed to make a change for his family's sake. 'I couldn't participate in sports and such with my kids. partly because of my physical limitations, but also—and this will sound silly—but because I never could wear the team shirt. They never had my size.'

Mike tried various diets and exercise routines but was unable to stick with them. It wasn't until he saw the transformation of a friend who had undergone gastric bypass surgery that Mike began considering it as an option for himself. After doing extensive research and talking to his friend about the process, Mike decided that surgery was his best course of action.

Under the care of Dr. Hart and Atlanta Bariatrics, Mike underwent gastric bypass surgery and has since lost 105 pounds. He continues to work towards his goal weight of 200 pounds, going to the gym regularly, and making healthy food choices.

'Surgery isn't for everyone, but it's what has finally worked for me,' says Mike. 'Thank you, Dr Hart, for being a part of making my life infinitely better.'

Ready to Transform Your Life?

At Atlanta Bariatrics, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch expertise and compassionate care to every patient. Our holistic approach ensures that your journey to losing weight is both effective and sustainable. Understanding the complexities of severe obesity, we tailor our treatments to consider each individual's unique needs, current health issues, and lifestyle.

One of the key components to our success is the comprehensive support system we offer, both before and after surgery. After all, our commitment to our patients doesn't end once they leave the operating room. Our patients benefit from the continuous guidance of our team, including our dietitians, who are essential in helping you make informed, healthy lifestyle choices.

The journey to sustained weight loss and improved health is a lifelong endeavor, and at Atlanta Bariatrics, we ensure you have all the resources and encouragement needed to thrive. From regular follow-up appointments and nutritional counseling to support groups and exercise programs, we stand by you long after surgery to help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain them for life.

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