Eating slowly is important after WLS to help with proper digestion of food and to help with recognizing the sensation of feeling full. 1 or 2 extra bites after WLS can result in nausea, vomiting or just feeling uncomfortable. It is important to find the point where you feel satisfied but not too full. Try some of these tips to help you adjust to eating at slower pace.

1. Sit down for all meals and snacks
2. Keep serving bowls and platters off of the table
3. Use utensils (limit finger foods)
4. Put down your spoon or fork between bites
5. Use a small 9” plate
6. Start out with baby utensils to help with taking small bites
7. Count your chews per bite – aim for 20 chews per bite for dense foods
8. Avoid eating and driving
9. Remove distractions like TVs, computers and phones
10. Cut foods into small pieces - about the size of a dime