1. Set up a designated space to work. This will allow you to have more focus while you work and get more out of your day.
  2. Maintain your regular schedule as much possible. Get up as if you would on any day. Shower and change out of those PJ’s!
  3. Keep a normal sleep schedule. Avoid the urge to stay up later and wake up later. Keep as close to your normal waking and sleeping hours as possible.
  4. Avoid skipping meals and snacks as this will only lead to binging, grazing or overeating later in the day. You may find that it is easy to work through lunch or wake up later and not have breakfast during this time. Plan a head and have lunches prepared the day before and snacks on deck too. Wake up with enough time for a protein and fiber rich breakfast to get your day started on the right foot.
  5. Take a 15-20min break a few times throughout the day to do something for yourself. Make a cup of tea, go on a quick walk, sit on the porch or chat at a safe distance with a neighbor.
  6. Stay active. Use the time you are not spending commuting to and from work to get a quick endorphin rush and burn off some of the energy that builds up over the day.
  7. Keep healthy snacks on deck. Avoid buying too many convenience foods during this time. Load up on fresh fruits, nuts, raw veggies and dips, nuts, whole grain crackers w/ low fat cheese or hummus or guacamole.
  8. Stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle at your work station just as you likely would at your office.
  9. Look for the positives. Maybe it’s that you are saving time and money on gas, or that you are spending more time with your family, or maybe it’s that you are having the alone time you’ve been craving. Whatever it is, look for the silver lining.
  10. Designate at time that you are planning to end your work day and stick to it if at all possible. Once you have logged off for the day do something to transition your day from work to play. Go on a walk, throw a frisbee with your kids in the back yard, sit on the porch and read a book, call a loved one or two to check on them.