Wassail_low_calorie_version_1.jpegWith obesity comes the potential for arthritis and it affects about 1 in 3 people with obesity. Walking is considered a safe exercise to promote weight loss for those with arthritis according to the Arthritis Foundation and the American College of Rheumatology. A little bit of weight loss can make a big impact. Its estimated that for every 1# of weight your knees experience 3-4# of force exerted. If you lose 15#, that is 45-60# less pressure on your knees.

If walking does not seem possible, discuss starting chair exercises with your doctor. Various strength training exercises, yoga, and tai chi can all be done from a seated position to limit stress on the knees, back and feet. Chair exercises can improve posture, coordination, circulation and decrease pain. Tons of free chair exercise videos can be found on Youtube. Donovan Green Fitness online platform also has a large library of chair exercises. Under the desk equipment like bike pedals or ellipticals can be done in a seated position as well. The Cubii is a crowd favorite.

Water aerobics, water Zumba, walking in the pool or swimming are other great activities that reduce the pressure on joints. Pickleball has a lower impact sport compared to tennis and has been growing in popularity in the past few years. Get involved with whatever activities interest you after discussing new activities with your doctor.. Try your best to reach 150 minutes of cardio and 2x strength training sessions per week.

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